Information security

Purpose and scope of information collection  Commitment not to sell, share or exchange personal information of customers collected on the website

to any other third party.

Personal information collected will be kept confidential and used only within the company.

When you contact to register for the service, the personal information that collects includes:

First and last name



In addition to personal information is information about services

Product’s name


Product delivery time

2. Scope of information use

Personal information collected will only be used by internally within the company and for one or

all of the following purposes:

– Customer support

– Provide service-related information

– Process orders and provide services and information via our website at your request

– We may send information about new products, services, information about upcoming events or recruitment

information if you sign up to receive email notifications.

– In addition, we will use the information you provide to support customer account management; confirm and

execute financial transactions in connection with your online payments;

3. Persons or entities that may have access to personal information

Subjects having access to personal information of customers in one of the following cases:

– The partners have signed a contract to perform a part of the service provided by the COMPANY.

These partners will receive information according to the contractual agreement

(maybe part or all of the information according to the terms of the contract) to assist users in using

the services provided by the Company. understands that your rights in the protection of personal information are also our responsibility,

so in case of any questions,comments related to the privacy policy of , and regarding the personal

information being used for the wrong purpose or the

notified scope, please contact the hotline or live chat at the website.