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The company has a team of good and experienced architects, so we are confident to bring customers the best products.

Akitek.vn is a leading unit specializing in architectural design consultancy, MEP structure and interior construction, design and construction of villas, townhouses, apartments, apartments and especially decorative design office, showroom, restaurant, hotel.

The company's leadership is determined to build and develop into a company with the criterion "Modern - professional - humane". Our motto is always towards responsibility to customers through ensuring the quality of products and services that the company provides.

vision Akitek.vn

Coordinate with a team of professional partners from different fields to bring customers a luxurious living and working experience with a modern lifestyle. The team of architects, designers and project managers are always ready to support customers until the project is completed.

Mission Akitek.vn

Core values Akitek.vn


Pursue goals with determination, innovation and a desire to achieve perfection. Besides, we also focus on training and improving human resources. We believe we are creating the best products and becoming a leader.


To customers: bring a sense of peace of mind in using furniture products and services through attentiveness and thoughtfulness in promptly asking and answering customer requests to ensure the highest satisfaction. For employees: creating an environment for employees to have the opportunity to develop themselves, with a decent salary and bonus, and to be treated fairly.


Always uphold the spirit of cooperation both internally and externally. The cooperation that we want to aim for is a sincere, goodwill and effective cooperation, bringing harmonious benefits to stakeholders, creating prestige in internal and external relationships.

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