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Public supervision plays a very important role in construction, requiring supervisors to have qualifications, professional certificates and responsibilities. So what is public surveillance? Why monitor? What tools can be? To answer this question, let’s find out with through the article below.


  What is construction supervision?

Construction supervisor or construction supervisor is an important position in terms of technical responsibility and work quality, work progress, labor safety, in construction by monitoring and inspection work. throughout the construction process. This job requires supervisors to have professional qualifications and practice certificates in accordance with State regulations.

Supervisors are construction supervisors who will be responsible for monitoring and controlling the construction process of a project that an enterprise is implementing.

Supervision of works related to the quality of the project. Therefore, important supervisors need to strictly follow the regulations on construction supervision.

Everyone’s the same, when building any project, the investor is always the one who listens and is responsible for all work related to occupational safety, standards of construction progress, quality of construction. engineering, sanitation and hygiene. The contractor cannot manage many of the above tasks, so the construction supervision position was formed to assist the investors in monitoring the works during construction.

In short, you can understand that a construction supervisor is a person with expertise and qualifications in construction. They will be the representative, on behalf of the investor, to monitor, supervise and inspect the construction work outside the construction site and then report back to the investor, supporting the investor throughout the construction process. . This position of construction supervisor is very important because it determines the success of a construction project.

Specifically, construction supervision work is as follows:

  •  Supervision of construction works
  • Monitor activities on site.
  • Remind employees to master the regulations on occupational safety.
  • Thoroughly check the quality of building materials.
  • Follow up with contractors on schedule.
  • Find out the causes and handle the problem during the monitoring process in the construction.
  • Monitoring works, inspecting and reminding people about environmental protection issues.
  • Follow up the construction sub-team, detect errors and provide timely solutions.
  • Consider, discuss and come up with a construction plan based on the actual situation.
  • Check, coordinate with parties to experience the completed items of the project.
  • Ask for home solutions if problem items arise.
  • Construction project management
  • Support records for project activities of departments.
  • Monitor and update the construction progress at the regular school.
  • Capture time and handle mistakes during construction and report potential risks to the investor
  • Reviewing books and data of quality management board and outbuildings.
  • Assign work and test items that have met the standards, the quality of the process is successful.
  • Check technical quality during construction.

Construction supervision process

The steps in the construction supervision process include the following steps:

Checking the correctness of the records in the design of the works: The first step is the most important. The supervisor is responsible for surveying, verifying the estimate, checking and evaluating the records in the design part. construction design. It is the technical standard that will be applied to the comparison, detect the unprecedented errors and give the remedy for the project and ensure better as well as reduce the costs incurred. unworthy.

Project development, implementation and monitoring: The manager will be sent down to be in charge of the project that will be supervised. Combined with technical standards of the state to create plans for the implementation as well as the functions of construction supervision in the construction of houses.

Reviewing and evaluating construction design documents: This is the job of re-checking all construction design documents of each item in a construction work.

Item-based supervision in construction: The supervisor is always responsible for each construction item, checking statistical data on issues related to geology to compare with reality and promptly detect. Identify errors and provide solutions in the most effective and fastest way.