Architecture & Interior Design

Architecture & Interior Design

A complete set of documents will include all related items in sync with each other, to help the contractor execute the most accurate construction according to the drawings approved by the Investor. 

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Components of the dossier include:

  1. Architecture 2D – 3D
  2. Texture
  3. MEP (Electricity – water – information)
  4. Development of interior details

Architectural and interior design helps build a harmonious and beautiful living space

Not everyone has the ability to accurately perceive space, color and layout of architecture and interiors. Therefore, we need experts to help us in building a perfect home. And the role of a professional interior designer is to create a harmonious overall space in terms of layout, color, light and optimize the use of household items.

In addition, architectural and interior design also helps you to express your aesthetic taste, explore the interests, hobbies and lifestyle of each family member.

Design implementation steps

Step 1: Architects and engineers of will have a survey, take photos, measure the current status.

Step 2: Make a preliminary 2D design plan showing the functional layout of the work.

Step 3: architects continue to perfect the plan on the basis of the preliminary design plan and desired contributions from the investor.

Step 4: If the investor approves the preliminary design plan, will carry out the implementation of the interior and exterior 3D rendering of each space in the building.

Step 5: After the investor approves the 3D rendering interior and exterior plan, will proceed to deploy the structural profile, MEP system,…

Step 6: If the investor approves the structure plan, the location of the MEP system, will proceed with the implementation of detailed construction technical documents.

Step 7: Develop detailed furniture production records if required by CDT.

Step 8: The investor receives the set of technical documents, begins construction and pays the contract.

Step 9: Support CDT and remote construction contractors via Zalo team, design supervision when required by CDT. service gives customers a feeling of peace of mind when using consulting services, being thoughtful in responding to customer requests in a timely manner to ensure the highest satisfaction.

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