Ben Xua Villa

Investor: Mr. Tu

Address: Nguyen Oanh, District 12, HCMC


Construction supervision:

Ben Xua Villa

Nguyen Oanh, Q12, HCM

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Ben xua villa

1. Ben Xua Information

This is a type of villa located right in District 12.

Ben Xua is located in the southwest, avoiding direct sunlight from the east in the morning and the west in the afternoon.

With a modern design style, the villa has a luxurious appearance inside and a fresh touch of modernity.

Shaped as combinations of rectangular blocks. The purpose of the investor is to build a villa for living.

So the design of the villa will serve the most convenient way for the homeowner.

With the main tone being white, the villa exudes freshness, elegance and luxury.

2. Exterior of Ben Xua

Looking from the outside in, the villa is surrounded by green trees, creating a feeling of being close to nature as if in a vast green forest.

Appearing in front of the viewer is a set of tables and chairs placed in the garden to serve the homeowners who want to open a cafe.

The set of tables and chairs are placed on the cool green grass with garden bricks to create a feeling of not being constrained but very natural and free when diners arrive.

Looking down from above, it is an infinity pool. The infinity pool is often located in prime locations for villas. With unique designs that bring the highest values ​​of high aesthetic modern style.

In addition, Ben Xua also has an attraction for viewers when placing a koi pond in the garden. With the purpose of building the lake is to watch, relax and take care of the owner. It brings aesthetics, improves the climate, helps increase air humidity and makes the building

3. 1st floor of Ben Xua

Going deep inside we find the living room.

The room is decorated with fabric sofas, living room sofas, sofas in neutral gray + white colors. Suitable for modern architecture.

Combined with dark color pendant lights to create a luxurious, modern and powerful feeling.

The kitchen is connected to the living room with open space to create a feeling of openness, spaciousness and ease of use.

Get multiple viewing angles in many directions, get natural light. When we sit down to eat, cooking will feel very relaxing. Comfortable to have an outside view that is not boring.

A small corner next to the kitchen is an extra highlight for a mysterious and unique house. With a wardrobe that can store towels and shoes, it is both convenient and decorative, exuding aesthetics.

Floor tiles and wall tiles are linked together when dividing each color array. Connect with each other with palettes and lines

The bedroom is a place to rest and relax after a stressful day of work or study.

The interior is a wooden wardrobe combined with a drop lamp and a wooden bedside cabinet. Create a cozy feeling with natural materials.

4. 2nd floor of Ben Xua

Master bedroom

Curtains in the desk area are the highlight of the room with simplicity and aesthetics. Combined with wooden shelves with LED lights to create luxury.

In addition, the wall has 3d tiles that show a unique difference from other rooms.

Next is the common room

Placed in the middle of the room is a set of stone-faced wooden feet combined with a pull-out wardrobe. Typical designs of modern houses.

The highlight is artificial wood covered with white melamine + white stone surface, black marble. Exudes a rare uniqueness.

Imitation stone tiles combined with carpets create a feeling that the floor is not slippery but very safe and aesthetic.

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Thanks to the dedication of the AKITEK team, our family has the dream house.

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