Photography services include many types such as:

Product photography:

Many individuals or small and medium-sized businesses often save costs by making their own product advertising photos by phone. As long as you have a “genuine” camera or phone, you can take photos or videos of the product yourself, use Photoshop or other editing software to your liking and then use this supposedly finished image. for marketing.

This is said to be a simple and cost-effective method. However, if you are not a photography expert, creating beautiful photos is indeed very difficult.

Problems you will face if you take your own product advertising photos:

Product images taken are not in sync with the idea

Poor image quality (without a high-quality dedicated camera)

Must invest more in backdrops, decor tools, lights…

Post-production of product photos takes a long time

It’s hard to make each concept suitable for the product

Not effective for commercial goals

Therefore, in the long run and effectively, taking product photos yourself won’t save you much. On the contrary, you will have to spend more time and money to rebrand your image.

Today’s online business is not only wrapped up on Facebook, but must expand to other platforms to keep up with the growth of the market. Product advertising photography services not only help you have beautiful and quality photos, but also create a marketing tool suitable for most online media channels.

There are many factors that determine the success or failure of an advertising campaign. Among them, the visual element is considered the most important. To advertise a product, just a photo is not enough.

If you want to save time and money on photography, find someone who “takes pictures with heart”. In other words, use the product photography service at

Take photos of the project

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Businesses, constructions, companies and services now focus not only on business, but also on marketing and promoting the company’s image. Therefore, the demand for architectural photography and interior photography is becoming more and more interested in businesses and companies. provides architectural and interior photography services with a variety of companies, businesses, works and services from financial companies, large enterprises, schools and hotels, spas with images. The most professional and quality in HCMC.

Architectural and interior photography with many years in the profession has more than 9 years in architectural, construction and interior photography services for businesses with a team of professional photographers from Photographer, assistant team and post-production team to create photos. most beautiful and true. Before the architectural photography sessions, always comes to the location first to survey the space and take a reasonable photo time, and then comes up with ideas for vivid architectural photos to send to customers that are carefully adjusted. best. Besides, is always creative in each frame so that the advertising image of the business is not duplicated, stereotyped and boring.

Professional photography equipment

With a long experience in photography in the architectural photography industry, invests in modern and professional equipment to create the most valuable photo angles for customers’ corporate spaces. Desiring to bring sharp quality images, always invests and hones skills to highlight architectural, interior and space images to impress their customers.

Through vivid photos sent to customers, always carefully prepares every step to save the perfect image of space and create an overview for customers through promotional photos on the website, press or corporate publications.

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Event photography:

Event photography is to record memorable moments in the programs that you perform, Event Company will be the most suitable partner in your journey to build your own brand image. guest; We provide event photography services that are done with enthusiasm and true to the values committed to customers, always creating the best ways to take photos for customers.

In the field of event photography requires very high skills of photographers; as well as being knowledgeable about the event. An experienced photographer will know which moments to capture naturally, which scenes to arrange shooting angles…. Each type of event has a different way of recording. In addition, event cameras also need the right lenses. And above all, the desire to own beautiful and honest photos of customers is also the motivation of

  1. Event photography service

In addition to event filming, event photography is considered one of the effective marketing strategies. Therefore, when choosing an event photography unit, you should look to professional services, having a certain understanding of recording techniques in general and experience in events in particular. And with – a professional and reputable event organization company in Ho Chi Minh City, we will be the best choice for our customers, our staff has the ability to observe as well as experience. Collected over the years, we understand the need to keep the photos worthy of your event. Our job is to work with you to build a valuable image library; Make the best impression in every moment. always strives to bring the most effective photos to customers who understand the importance of photography in increasing your own value and increasing brand awareness. We have nothing but:

  Photographers are numerous and experienced;

  Professional, dedicated make-up personnel;

  The system of machinery and equipment for photography is complete and modern;

  Friendly, attentive consultants are always ready to serve you at all times.

II. The 5 best plus points that event photography brings to you:

When choosing a service, your main purpose is to promote the image of companies and businesses in important events such as company establishment, company birthday, product launch, grand opening, meeting. Newspapers, seminars, conferences … or save precious moments in weddings, birthdays…. Photographers are responsible for capturing memorable images of the main character, natural activities. of guests and meaningful moments in a full, authentic way. Each event and associated activities only take place once and have different properties. Therefore, in order to fully capture those meaningful moments, you should choose for yourself a “mindful” team.

If you can’t continue to let important moments just disappear, contact – the best partner to build a truly valuable image library with you!

  We offer our customers a perfect service with:

  1. Photos that tell stories:

With the motto “Treasure every moment”, we set the standards for our own service and bring to our customers “photos that tell stories”. With many years of experience in event photography, understands the value and importance of every moment that event organizers have worked hard to create. Whether it is a high-level conference, international conference or commercial activities, media, performances, etc., has enough human capacity and equipment to provide valuable images to customers. Through the recorded photos, viewers can know where the event was held, who attended, what happened, and also the emotions they will have if they attend the event.

  1. Consulting – professional customer care:

tư vấn is always willing to listen to customers’ ideas and turn them into photos for your event. We only stop when we have taken exquisite photos, create excitement, spread ideas and let the public know who you are, what you do and the value that the event brings.

Customers contact through direct or indirect channels to learn about services.

Hotline: 0916 961 139 – 058 7878 388


You provide contact information as well as wishes about the moments that you need to capture; Our consultants will receive and contact directly, to support and advise services fully and accurately to customers.

After receiving the request from the customer. The consultant will pass your request information across the room to the photographer in charge.

  1. Attention to detail:

When using photography services, we are committed to capturing the most memorable moments. The photos have many different shooting angles to help customers have many options to suit their requirements. With a team of experienced – enthusiastic – creative photographers in the field of event photography, we will surely satisfy every customer with the meticulousness and creativity when choosing a shooting angle; capture the moment quickly and subtly, stay highly focused throughout the event. Choose a reputable service – you don’t have to worry

  Cherish every moment:

We have a young and enthusiastic team, from the main photographer to the support staff who are all passionate professionals, we have been doing many large and small shows for different partners. Always explore, learn, cultivate experience to bring customers the highest quality and most professional products.

In terms of concepts, conferences, seminars, liveshows, team building, weddings, birthday parties, etc. are all collectively known as events. But in terms of nature, each type of event will require photographers to have their own exploitation angles. For example, conferences and seminars, it is necessary to pay attention to delegates and activities around; For the wedding party, the bride and groom are the main characters, so they need to be in the camera, etc. Therefore, an experienced photographer will carefully determine what kind of event is about to be photographed. What you need to do is give information about the type of organization.

  Committed to making quality:

With highly trained experience, capable of exploiting unique frames, catching up with trends, ensuring to bring customers satisfaction when cooperating. Our photographers will all have their own shooting directions suitable for each concept.

We are a team full of enthusiasm, passion and sincerity with the profession in each product, always capturing every precious moment of our customers. With the business concept of “Dedicated to make quality” and create To build peace of mind for our customers, we always ensure some of the most basic principles of an event photographer:

  Arrive early – leave late;

  Find out about the program and location in advance;

  Always have backup equipment.

We are proud of the professionalism, enthusiasm and hospitality of our staff, always smiling and giving customers the most comfortable and friendly feeling. For us, it doesn’t matter what our customers feel. Therefore, creating impressive photo sets, helping customers capture unique moments is something that we always strive for, constantly create and look for the most optimal solutions.

  Standard post-processing – Provide professional images:

We also often don’t notice uneven lighting, weird shadows, weird reflections, wires, cracks, or other distracting elements. Unlike our constantly moving eyes, the camera captures each moment forever. When we look at a picture, we see many things that the eye previously missed. Cameras don’t see the world the same way the human eye does.

At, post-processing includes adjusting color, contrast and brightness so that the photo meets the minimum requirements of professional standards.

  1. Modern equipment:

Image quality is one of the factors that determine the value of a set of images. We always pay attention to detail on the technical and technological level of equipment for conference photography such as drones, gimbal, camera booms or microphones, etc. to create the most natural and quality products. , the most obvious. In the indoor, dimly lit conditions of proms or dinners, our flash technology ensures that bright, realistic images are still captured without losing any precious moments. customer’s memory.

  1. Reasonable price:

Our service wishes to bring customers the most satisfactory products with the most reasonable cost. With the goal of loyal customers, long-term customers, over the years, most of the customers who come and stay with our service appreciate the price of the service as appropriate, worthy of the quality. product. If you are still wondering in choosing an event, event, conference photography service, please come to us. Realistic, vivid sets of pictures, capturing valuable and impressive moments will attract customers at first sight.

III. – Commitment to event photography services:, based on existing experience and capacity, commits to you the following:

Thorough and dedicated service consulting;

Comply with agreements between the two parties;

Detailed, accurate quotation and no arbitrary additional fees in the process of providing services;

Deliver all products and jobs on time, in the right quantity and quality as requested;

Efforts to meet the legitimate interests and requirements of customers in adverse cases arise;

Last publication:

You will receive the final publication including:

  All original client files have been edited;

  Comes with a set of reduced-size image files upon request, so that customers can use for websites or promotional campaigns;

  Comes with a set of image files with the Logo of the Brand or company attached.

  1. How to return photos to customers will provide a Drive account containing images for customers and customers can easily download it

Customers can visit our studio directly to copy images

We can order USB for customers and send Ship (cost is calculated as incidental cost)

  1. Event photography process:

Step 1: Consulting services for new customers.

You contact through direct and indirect communication channels.

Specialists receive, exchange and advise with customers.

Step 2: Negotiate and sign the contract

If both parties come to a cooperation agreement, the next step is to sign a contract.

When the contract has been signed, please deposit % of the service cost specified in the contract. Next, will provide the service.

Step 3: Come up with ideas and scenarios for event photography

Receive your requests, wishes and ideas; will come up with ideas for filming and build a suitable script.

Step 4: Take a photo of the event supports you to recruit models, actors, MCs (if needed).

Taking photos of the event

Step 5: Standard post-processing:

After the recording is over, we will conduct post-processing.

You can make a request for post-production in this step.

However, if the post-production requirements exceed what is specified in the contract, please re-negotiate the cost and other terms. will support to edit the finished product up to 2 times to ensure the product makes you as satisfied as possible.

Step 6: Handing over the final product is obligated to deliver the finished product to you on time.

You are responsible for paying the remaining costs specified in the contract on time and in the right amount.