Architectural design consulting

Architectural design is the work done in the early stages of the project. Starting from the concept design and ending with the construction drawing design documents. Architectural design not only stops at the external appearance of the building, but it also includes many specialties such as: architecture, structure, electricity supply, water supply and drainage … in which the architect plays the leading role. .

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Steps to perform architectural design consultancy

Step 1: Schedule an appointment to meet with customers, or contact us on zalo to find out specific needs, consult and answer questions and exchange information.

Step 2: Specific agreement on design costs, deadline for completion and handover of documents, and responsibilities of the parties, contract form.

Step 3: The two sides of the investor and the enterprise will sign a design contract.

Step 4: Architects and engineers of AKITEK will have a survey, take photos, measure the current status.

Step 5: Make a design plan.

Step 6: AKITEK architects continue to perfect the plan on the basis of the preliminary design plan and desired contributions from the investor.

Step 7: If the investor approves the preliminary design plan, AKITEK will proceed with the implementation of technical documents and detailed construction estimates.

Step 8: Hand over all design drawing documents.

Step 9: The investor receives the technical documents and starts construction and pays the contract.

Akitek service gives customers a sense of peace of mind when using consulting services, being thoughtful in promptly responding to customer requests to ensure the highest satisfaction.


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