Design consultancy

Design is the work done in the early stages of the project. Starting from the concept design and ending with the construction drawing design documents. Design does not stop at the external appearance of the building, but it also includes many specialties such as: architecture, structure, electricity supply, water supply and drainage, interior … in which the architect plays the main role. religion.

tư vấn

The design information that needs consulting such as:

  1. Type of works
  2. Land area
  3. Construction area/Construction density
  4. Construction scale, number of floors, elevation
  5. Number of users, age, gender
  6. Special functional requirements of the building
  7. Time to start and finish
  8. Feng Shui
  9. Design style

Steps to carry out consultation

Step 1: Schedule an appointment to meet with customers, or contact us on zalo to find out specific needs, consult and answer questions and exchange information.

Step 2: Specific agreement on design costs, deadline for completion and handover of documents, and responsibilities of the parties, contract form.

Step 3: The two sides of the investor and the enterprise will sign a design contract.