3D Film Maker

3D Film Maker

Among the techniques used to sell or showcase products, 3D project filmmaking is the latest advanced graphic technique, applied with a high level of detail.


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For housing project investors, in order to make a difference in the brand promotion strategy as well as the quality of the ongoing project, the more excellent and detailed the 3D film making, the more attractive customers will be. products for businesses and competition in the field of design and construction

AKITEK.vn is proud to own a team of experienced and skilled designers and architects and especially has many years of working and collaborating with reputable investors and quality real estate projects. high volume and large scale. In order for customers to better understand the importance of 3D editing of real estate projects, here are the outstanding advantages of this process that we would like to introduce to customers, partners, investors and the whole world. Marketers or sales staff are struggling to find a reasonable and impressive “marketing tool”.

With 3D montages of items, architects and investors can save time, money and effort, limiting the need to re-edit the designs or during construction. It also allows architects to better shape the land geographically of construction, in relation to the project’s surroundings.

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  Most importantly, it provides an overview in the research and implementation of project construction, so that businesses can bring to customers the element of sincerity about the future home they are about to invest. In addition to these priorities, the team of accounting designers, architects and consultants of AKITEK.vn also return many benefits and efficiency to customers when using project 3D film construction services. judgment. Include

 – Realistic simulation for customers to clearly feel the product

– Rapidly increasing the number of customers who agree to visit the project.

 – Experience real estate project 3D movie construction service in online or offline site.

 – Help sales staff close processing easily anywhere.

– Support fast and impressive project transactions.

– Enhancing the prestige and potential of the investor is confirmed in the customer’s perception.


Landscape sample photos, construction design requirements and customer requirements for visualization have to go through many stages. As follows

Step 1. Customers send data and blank project information to AKITEK.vn Customers send 2D design drawings of the project including

  • Autocad/ Revit master plan design drawing, location, project structure.
  • Photos of brick building materials (paving, room.), glass, wood, furniture (if any), wall paint.

Step 2. Modeling Tools

AKITEK.vn uses materials to build models (Models) of 3D construction projects This is the most important step in the process of performing architectural 3D perspective and montage.

  Building 3D models is like building houses, apartments, commercial centers, surrounding landscapes and roads, artificial lakes, and building amusement parks. Architects will add buildings to 3D renderings

After completing this step, the architects of AKITEK.vn have created an architectural work in accordance with the design and idea of the investor. with pictures introduced to previous customers.

Step 3. Making 3D scenes and movies

  • In that complete model, the movie actors will place the camera at the location required by the investor to take pictures of the work in the same proportions as real-life photos.
    1. Making a storyboard
    • There are many shooting angles such as

    o Taken from above the overall scene/master plan

    o Take photos directly of the work to take pictures of the exterior vision/perspective

    o Take photos from the swimming pool park, gym spa, community activities, utility perspective

    • Photos taken to be beautiful must be Rendering
    • To make photos look more realistic and beautiful, the architects will have to do post-processing.
    1. Architectural 3D Filmmaking
    • Similar to the scene using the camera for the project.

    Rendering output images according to the duration of the movie (24 frames/second)

    • Write the script and read the commentary.
    • Post-production editing.
    • Produce finished film

    Our commitment to bring the best image quality to the project in accordance with reality, all proportions of works, construction materials are correct in design, giving homebuyers a true view of the project. process, choice in the future to help investors make a brand in the market, achieve goals and work efficiency.